DBIA Featured Post: Sarge's Army Surplus

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When Ian Kyle retired as a soldier in 2008 after 34 years of active service, he still had the military on his mind. That’s why on January 22, 2009 he and his wife, Janet, opened Sarge's Army Surplus at 291 George St N, located directly across the street from Showplace in downtown Peterborough.

As you can imagine, Sarge's forte is in offering military surplus gear from around the world. This includes all sorts from small accessories and all aspects of military clothing to outdoor camping gear ranging from tents and sleeping bags to extreme weather gear graded for arctic and even jungle use! What Ian and Janet also offer at the store—and what has really taken off for them—is paintball and air-soft gear. The hobbies for both are popular now and Sarge's is the top supplier in the area for high end equipment.


When you enter the store, you are immediately met with product from floor to ceiling. People are often enamoured with how much is available and the overall display of things they could never imagine would be available in our city. Ian uses the saying that “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it” which you can tell his store operates by! 

Along with his knowledgeable staff including Dave and Ryan, Sarge's offer rentals and are also qualified to do repairs of much of the gear that they offer. One of the most interesting parts of the shop is the collectibles and memorabilia section that is offered. Here you will find items from all around the world ranging from old military medals to badges and even pre-worn uniforms.

Ian and Janet are still very much involved in the local military scene and often attend and set up booths at military themed shows. They are proud to support our local Veterans, celebrate Veterans Awareness Day, and happily offer discounts to armed forces, scouts, and the cadets.

If you’re interested in military history, camping, survival equipment, or hobby sports like paintball, we suggest you check Sarge's Army Surplus out. There truly is no other place like it around, and we’re happy they’re located in the heart of Downtown Peterborough!

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For more on Sarge's Army Plus (291 George St N), go to:

Website: Sargesarmysurplus.com

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By Aaron Elliott