DBIA Featured Post: Natas Café

If you’re looking for a downtown cafe that feels like home, you need look no further than Natas Café (376 George St. N.). Owned and operated by Steve and Delia Francis, who moved here six years ago from Toronto, the café has a Portuguese overtone not found anywhere in the area.

Natas offers various coffees, quick eats, splendid desserts and what they are told are the best cups of Cappuccino and Espresso in the downtown area! They make most things in house, and when they need to source out, they use local connections as much as possible to support others within the community.

A goal of Natas is to create an atmosphere that is as welcoming as possible. They want their customers to try something once and always want to come back. Once you step inside its doors, you can tell that it is a meeting place for people from all walks of life in the community. From students meeting for study sessions, to moms with strollers, to creative and business types having brainstorm meetings, Natas attracts a great variety and demographic of happy customers!

Upon entering the café, you will notice a wall on the left filled with art work. This wall was dedicated to the PCVS students who once filled the café. Now the wall is dedicated to TAS, where many former PCVS students roam the halls.

Natas has been a proud supporter of many local events such as the always successful Taste of Downtown and the United Way fundraiser, which takes place in July. Also, purchasing a gift certificate from Natas is a great gift idea.

Natas is one of the most welcoming atmospheres you will encounter in our great downtown core. With a selection of food and drink that is second to none, it is a café that has to be experienced!

For more on Natas Café (376 George St. N.), go to:

Phone: 705-748-0695

Twitter: @NatasCafe
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By Aaron Elliott