The Amazing Story Of Layla Who Was Adopted From Peterborough Humane Society


We asked for your Humane Society adoption stories and here's a great one we received from pet owner Jessica Bushey...


In the fall of 2005, I went on a mission to find a dog to adopt from the Peterborough Humane Society. I chose the Humane Society because I wanted to help out an animal in need, and because the Humane Society has helped me on several occasions. I've had their assistance with lost dogs, dogs left in cars—even when I accidentally hit a cat, they came and gave the cat medical care and provided me with updates until the cat got adopted.

When I arrived at the Humane Society, I looked at all the dogs, wanting to take them all home. I did, however, fall in love with one in particular. She was a stray and had just been brought in. I was not able to adopt her right away as they had to check her over and try to find her owner. I went every day to visit and walk her, knowing that she may have a family looking for her. On the third day, I got a phone call from the Humane Society telling me to come in. They told me I could take her home early since she was so scared being there (the noise of the other dogs barking).

She literally crawled out of the building, but once we were outside she stood up and her tail started to wag. I knew instantly I had done the right thing.

I've had Layla for eight years, and am blessed that I found such a wonderful dog. She works as a therapy dog for the people I support, and is sometimes known as "Liftlock Layla" because she also works at the Liftlock golf course chasing the geese off the course for the golfers.

She's not only touched my life, but many lives. And I have the Peterborough Humane Society to thank for their support through the adoption process and their compassion for keeping animals like Layla safe until they find their forever home.

Jessica Bushey is Outcomes Facilitator for Community Living Peterborough


If you have an adoption story from the Humane Society you want to share with us, we'd love to hear your story about why you did and what pet you chose—along with picture(s). Email us here.


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