Someone Tried The Chat And Cut On Scott Arnold At The LCBO And Then Called Him On

I was at the LCBO today (August 30th) and the lineup was massive for the long weekend. Only two tills open, and the lines went down a couple of aisles. I had been standing behind the same girl the entire time; there was nobody between her and I, ever. She was next in line to pay for her stuff when a dude holding a 6 pack of beer and a mickey of gin approached me and said excuse me. I moved, thinking he just wanted to get by. All of a sudden, he set his stuff on the counter and started talking to the girl, who clearly didn't know him (dubbed a Chat and Cut by Larry David in Season 8 episode 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, see clip below). I looked around at the other people in line; a couple of them shrugged their shoulders as if to say, I don't know what he's doing. So I walked in front of him and said, "I'm actually going to go ahead of you here, I only moved out of the way because I thought you needed to get through, I didn't expect you to jump the line." He said. "I was here the whole time, I just went to grab something." I said, "No, actually you weren't—you were pulling a chat and cut." He said, "Go ahead of me then, don't worry about it." I said, "Oh, I'm not worried." So then he says, "You should be!" People in the store were watching at this point so I just said, "Alright man, looks like I'm next, enjoy your day." He stepped in front of me (reeking of booze already) and said, "I'd finish you off right now but I don't want to break any booze in here." (Ya, heaven forbid we waste your dinner.) I ignored him and paid for my purchase and while I paid, he whispered in my ear, "I'll see you outside." He wasn't there.

PTBOCanada's sports reporter Scott Arnold

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