Project 10K: Two Trent Students Aim To Raise $10,000 In One Day For Free The Children

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On January 24th, Trent University students Scott Pharand and Dexter Fichuk will be attempting to raise $10,000 for their Project 10K, a fundraising event working in partnership with Free the Children to promote children’s education in developing countries around the world.

Their amazing goal is to raise $10,000 in one day in order to build a school in a developing nation. To reach their goal, Pharand and Fichuk will be having events set up around Trent University and the Peterborough area such as a bottle drive, ice cream bar, T-shirt sales, bracelets, Aria passes and much more!

Buy a bracelet to join them for the official afterparty at Shots Lounge, then free cover to Aria Nightclub before midnight! They will be using the hashtag #Project10K on Twitter to promote the fundraising event. 100% of the proceeds go to Free the Children.

This special event is sponsored by Shots Lounge and ARIA.

For more info, go to the Project 10K Facebook Page. You can donate online here.

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