DBIA Featured Post: Apollo Grill

Downtown Peterborough has long been a haven of locally owned and operated restaurants.  In the downtown core, you will find something offered to please almost every palate. Coming back with a vengeance—and to everyone's delight!—are classic "burger joints."  They don't get any more classic than the Apollo Grill located at the corner of George Street North and Hunter Street (402 George St. N.).

Locally owned and operated by Dan Rennick and his wife Kerry, the Apollo Grill brings you an incredible burger experience within the warm confines of a 1940s diner located at one of the busiest intersections in Peterborough's downtown. This resurrection of the mouthwatering homestyle burger provides the perfect destination to everyone from young families, date nights, to evenings out with friends.

The new downtown Apollo Grill is actually the second location in our fair city, with the original located at 1840 Lansdowne Street West. The George and Hunter street location opened late last year, and was brought downtown due to the overwhelming success of the original location that opened July 2011 on Lansdowne. Dan and Kerry were actually approached by the building's landlords and asked if they would like to bring Apollo Grill downtown.

The Apollo Grill features fresh cut fries and a great selection of burgers made daily from ground steak. What is interesting is that instead of using basic frozen ground beef, Apollo Grill uses fresh steak that is ground in house each day. They also cut and blanche their own fries. To complete the experience, Apollo Grill offers hand-dipped shakes which are made from premium local Central Smith ice cream. Of course there are also onion rings, sweet potato fries, veggie burgers and delicious poutine offered at both locations. A few must tries include the Apollo burger, the Mushroom Swiss, and of course the famous Royal Burger, all offered as a single or double burger.

Dan and Kerry are extremely excited and proud of the opening of the Apollo Grill in Peterborough's downtown, and plan to continue expanding to other locations and cities.  Within only a few short months, the downtown Apollo Grill is already considered one of the best places to gather with friends, co-workers or family for a quality meal!

Dan and Kerry invite you to experience their newest location in downtown Peterborough and taste the difference local quality makes.

For more on Apollo Grill (402 George St. N.), go to:
Website: Apollogrill.ca
Facebook: Apollo Grill
705.874.3444, Apollo Grill Downtown Location
705.775.4745, Apollo Grill Lansdowne Street West

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By Aaron Elliott