PTBOCanada Featured Post: Brave New Words

You can take the boy out of the town, but you can’t take the town out of the boy.  That sounds as cliché as it gets. But doesn’t it almost always ring true? It has always been the case for Dylan DeMarsh in his many travels and returns to his hometown of Peterborough.

As the owner of Brave New Words, a new local Public Relations/Communications Agency, Dylan has a massive amount of experience gained across the country in various settings that have brought him to where he is now—back home. After graduating from university where he majored in Journalism, Dylan made his way to Toronto and then across the country to Vancouver before making his way back east and finally settling back here in his hometown. During the past 15 years or so, he worked for the Rick Hansen Foundation and also in a more local setting for PARN, constantly increasing his experience in the communication and fundraising fields. This experience has led him to where he is now: the owner of his own company.

 Dylan DeMarsh

Dylan DeMarsh

After years away, Dylan felt drawn back to Peterborough and saw a chance for a sort of flexibility he had never experienced before in working for himself in a town he loved. The vibrant sense of community he sees in Peterborough and the overall engagement of its residents made it easy for him to decide to venture out on his own to help build a town he wants to live in.

With Brave New Words, Dylan’s goal is to use the successful strategies and techniques he has developed throughout his career to aid local businesses in his specialty of Public Relations and Communications. Dylan knows that not all businesses and not-for-profit organizations are experts in every aspect of their day to day operations, nor do they have the time to concentrate on everything as much as they would like. This is when his services come in handy as an expert outside source!

Brave New Words comprehensive services include:

-        Strategic Communication Planning
-        Media Relations
-        Crisis Communication and Issues Management
-        Social Media Integration and Support
-        Media/Interview Training
-        Workshops and Training

Allowing an expert such as Dylan and Brave New Words to work with an organization can help alleviate daily pressures and grant more time and concentration to be put into other day to day activities by the business itself.

The benefits of Brave New Words services are immediate and something that can’t be ignored. They can help increase overall sales/sponsorships/donations, assist in growing your consumer base, and establish your brand and protect your reputation amongst many other things!

If your business is in need of a communications or public relations pick-me-up, Dylan invites you to contact Brave New Words and find out what they can do for you. Their efficient and cost effective package of services guarantee great value for your dollar that you’ll be happy you invested!

For more information on Brave New Words, contact:
Twitter: @BraveNewWordsPR
Phone: 7O5.772.724O

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