PTBOCanada Feature Post: 12 Tips For Good Mental Health From CMHA

October 10th was World Mental Health Day, with the theme this year “Dignity and Mental Health”. Dignity refers to an individual’s inherent value and worth, and is strongly linked to respect, recognition, self-worth and the possibility to make choices. Being able to live a life with dignity stems from the respect of basic human rights including:

-> freedom from violence and abuse
-> freedom from discrimination
-> autonomy and self determination
-> inclusion in community life
-> participation in policy-making

Unfortunately, many individuals living with mental health problems often face stigma and discrimination. The stigma of mental illness can prevent up to 50 percent of people from getting help. This can lead to job insecurity, loss of relationships and social isolation, all affecting an individual’s personal sense of dignity.

Here are 12 tips towards Good Mental Health for yourself and those you care about from the CMHA...

1.  Look after your physical health. Eat well, get adequate exercise!
2. Avoid over-use of caffeine and alcohol.
3. Work with your support network.
4. Give back: volunteer and reach out to others.
5. Educate yourself about mental health: take a suicide prevention or mental health course.
6. Quiet your mind: consider practicing meditation or trying yoga. Listen to your own spirituality.

7. Talk about your feelings to someone you trust. They want to listen.
8. Take a break, whether it's a vacation, a change in routine, or even exploring other employment opportunities.
9. Accept yourself for who you: You are you, and that is awesome!
10. Accept others for who they are. They’re them, and that’s awesome too!
11. Get Help when you need it: call Four County Crisis at 705.745.6484 24/7 or go here for more info.
12. Become a member of the Canadian Mental Health Association Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge.

Your local Canadian Mental Health Association Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge provides many programs and services to support dignity, social inclusion and independence. We encourage you to check out the CMHA website here, Facebook page here and Twitter page here.

**Email the CMHA here for more info on their programs and services.

Peterborough Programs and Services
466 George Street, North
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 3R7

Kawartha Lakes Programs and Services
33 Lindsay Street South
2nd Floor, Unit C
Lindsay, Ontario
K9V 2L9
Administrative Offices/Ontario Telemedicine Clinic/Early Psychosis Intervention Services
415 Water Street
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 3L9

Peterborough -> 705.748.6711 or 1-(866)-990-9956
Kawartha Lakes -> 705.328-2704 or 1-(888)-454-8875
Administrative office -> 705.748.6687

Four County Crisis 24 Hour Crisis Line -> 705-745-6484 or 1-866-995-9933

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