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Trent Radio RPM Challenge


Trent Radio challenges Peterborough and area residents to create a musical record, start to finish, during the month of February.

This is a creative challenge, not a competition. We encourage people to record their songs using what they have on hand; be it a cell phone, a 4 track tape deck, or a $50,000 studio. All participants will have opportunity to attend workshops to streamline the recording process. A listening party to celebrate our community's creations is scheduled for the weekend immediately following the 28th of February. Updates will follow via social media ( ) Feel free to call us up if you're old school.

These are "The Rules":

  • ●  Songs may be written previously, but must not have been recorded/produced before February 1, 2018. The brave and the bold may begin the writing process in February, but you can start the planning in advance if you like.

  • ●  NO covers. We love YOUR songs. Even if they're all about love. (especially if they're all about love) - 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material.

  • ●  Submissions no later than midnight February 28th.

    Physically submitted in the Trent Radio mailbox (marked "RPM CHALLENGE"), in person during business hours (marked "RPM CHALLENGE") and digital submissions all work great. (contact for access to the digital submission form)

    That's it! Start a new band, reform an old band, make a record of 35 minutes of crushing aluminum cans! Again, this is a creative challenge meant to let you have fun and try doing something new, not a contest. There is no failing! The sky the limit, just remember to HAVE FUN!


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