Local Peterborough Man Trying Hard To Make Plaid In Style Again

Ryan Lalonde, an interactive producer and man about town, has made it his mission to bring back plaid. Ryan wears plaid as much as possible—at home, at work, at play. "Plaid has always been my favourite colour," Lalonde tells PTBOCanada. "Why go with a solid when you can entertain the eye with hues?"  Lalonde adds that "I was very disappointed when plaid shorts went out of style for everyday wear, but I'm holding out hope they come back." We are trying to get some quotes from Plush owner Mike Watt on whether there will be another plaid revival, but in the meantime, every day is another great plaid shirt day in Ryan Lalonde's world.

*If you like to wear plaid as well, send us your pics in plaid to tips@ptbocanada.com.*

Ryan Lalonde working hard... in plaid

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