10 Great Hair Styles To Look Out For In Peterborough

Hairstyles come and go every season. From mullets to bobs, and pompadours to high-top fades, people nowadays are rocking more hairstyles than ever. Many are forgettable, yet few are iconic. Focusing locally, here are 10 completely different hairstyles that people in the community of Peterborough are rocking!

1. The Lalonde Think of this as Rockstar meets Southern Gentleman. If the Sheepdogs need a backup singer, he’s it!


2. The Calver Any Top Gun fans? Think Tom Cruise as Maverick.


3. The Dalliday  He might not wear his sunglasses at night…but as Corey Hart he would!


 4. The Stover This has Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games written all over it.


 5. The Watt At some point Mike is going to morph into George Clooney before our very eyes. No one messes with this man’s beard!


 6. The Vanderherberg  Mr. PeterTweeter himself (below left)—with one million Twitter handles! Prim and proper with a little bit of edge.


 7.  The Stu  Short and sweet. When you’re as busy as him, you save time when you can. A classic crewcut! Think Bruce Willis, and you have Stoo. 


 8. The Lawless Miley Cyrus is headed in this direction! Shorter hair on women is all the rage right now. Carol rocks it.


 9. The Silvestri Marty has such light hair that some days you wonder if he even needs it!


 10. The Hanrahan The bangs are taking over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 —by PTBOCanada's Aaron Elliott

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