An Unforgettable Night At Showplace For Neave And A Community That Loves Her

Move N' Grooove Dance Studio ended their season in a beautiful way on Monday night (June 5th) at Showplace, with an amazing tribute to 9-year-old Neave Alderson by the studio's owner Julie Fallis—aka Miss Jules.

Jules has joined Neave, who is battling cancer, as a team member for the Great Cycle Challenge, which raises money for the Sick Kids Foundation. Jules has pledged to ride 300 kilometres in the month of June and said if she raised $3,000, she'd shave her head.

Megan Murphy on stage with her niece Neave and Miss Jules

Megan Murphy on stage with her niece Neave and Miss Jules

Well sure enough, more than $3,000 was raised—$3,970 to be exact—and so in front of a sold-out crowd of 600, she made good on her promise!

A beaming Neave even got to make the first shave...

It was a powerful moment for spectators to watch Jules do this for Neave...

Neave, a Grade 4 student at Immaculate Conception school, just finished treatment last month—she's been through 14 rounds of chemo, 28 days of radiation and a 16 hour limb salvage surgery. But this resilient child is doing well and has just started back to school for the first time this year her Aunt, Megan Murphy, tells PTBOCanada.

"Recently we went to the park and she was determined to climb up the slide, pulling with her arms and using her legs as best she could until she made it to the top. The smile on her face broke my heart wide open! She’s a warrior."

"What Jules did for my niece Neave was just such a lovely gesture of support," Megan, who was on stage for the big moment, tells PTBOCanada. "She's an incredible role model for young girls." And that includes Neave's younger sisters, Tily, 8, and Poppy, 5, both of whom dance with Miss Jules.

This hug between Neave and Jules after the shave was complete said it all...

"She has a pretty cool wheelchair that she's quite proud of," adds Megan of Neave, whom she describes as a kindred spirit who lives in the moment. "The wheels light up when she rolls! And she's starting to bear some weight on her reconstructed leg. She is starting to ride her bike that we've outfitted with stability wheels. This time next year, she'll be dancing!"

We have no doubt.

[Pictures via Showplace Facebook page]

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