PtboCanada Was There: Peterborough Motor Sports Club Awards Night 2012

The Peterborough Motor Sports Club is one of the oldest such clubs in Canada. It is a multi-discipline organization, promoting safe and supervised competition in road rallies, performance rallies, solo events, ice racing and more. Last night, the club held their yearly awards ceremony and the following awards were handed out...

  • Club Champion - Dan Demers & Brian Lynas
  • Club Runner-up - Travis Grubb
  • New Member Award - Cameron Chambers
  • Solo Driver Champion - Glenn Austin
  • Solo Driver Runner-up - Brian Lynas 
  • Solo Driver Rookie - Marilyn Junkin 
  • Rally Driver Champion - Dylan Mader 
  • Rally Navigator Champion - Nick Green 
  • Ice Race Champion - John Maloney
  • Ice Race Runner-up - Anthony Vanlieshout 
  • Street Studs Champion - Anthony Vanlieshout 
  • Rubber to Ice Champion - Ryan Brentell
  • Ice Race Rookie - Cameron Chambers 
  • Organizer Award - Len Arminio
  • Organizer Runner- up - Peter Watt 
  • President’s Prize Driver - Alain Cabardos 
  • President’s Prize Navigator - Louis Cabardos

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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