DIBA Featured Post: Naked Chocolate


In life, there are people who are passionate about things but the timing isn’t right, and people who have a God given talent. When you can somehow align all of these and have a talented person working in an area they’re passionate about, you will find incredible results.

Warren Eley, owner of Naked Chocolate (located at 390 George St N), is one of the lucky people who found the perfect combination. After years of working as a corrections officer, he had finally had enough. Years before, Warren had discovered his love for chocolate making—but had but simply never acted on it. When he finally took the brave step to leave his comfort zone and take a chance, the shop was created in 2009 and he has been turning out some of the finest dessert options this city has ever seen since.

Over the last 5 to 6 years, Warren says that chocolate has really started to take off in our part of the world. Chocolate is now specialized by regions much like wine has always been. People are now “growing it” and cultivating it in such specialized ways that new flavours are constantly being created.

The named “Naked Chocolate” Warren says, came from his idea of combining a few of his favourite shows called Naked Science and The Naked Chef. What he does is a sweet science in created flavours much like a chef does but specifically in the chocolate world!


When you enter the shop, you immediately notice it isn’t your run of the mill candy store. Naked Chocolate offers what should simply be considered as “Edible Artwork”. Using no additives or enhancers, Warren—along with Angela Roest and Caitlin Stephenson—create everything onsite using only the purest of ingredients. They use “old school philosophy and techniques with new school thinking,” as Warren puts it.

What they offer is an absolute marvel when you see it: Gourmet Marshmallows, Pate de fruit, sponge toffee, various mousses, chocolates of course, and their specialty: Truffles. Much of the chocolate offered is specialized by the regions its ingredients come from. If someone was to come in and simply make a purchase based on looks and not even care about the incredible out of this world taste, it would not be surprising.

Warren has and still trains regularly at the Chocolate Academy in Montreal, continually learning new techniques to bring back to his shop. He has the goal of competing in what is called the “World Chocolate Masters” and is consistently pushing the barriers of what is possible with chocolate.


Naked Chocolate often caters events in town and is available to produce for various events and weddings, while also offering classes to those interested in different dessert areas. Over the years since its opening, the shop has also happily donated its creations to different events around the area.

Warren and the staff love being located in our downtown core as the creative spirit of entrepreneurs in their neighbourhood constantly push them to put out great products each day. They invite you to come down and have a look at these creations and see for yourself what their satisfied customers already know: Naked Chocolate is delicious!

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For more on Naked Chocolate (390 George St. N), go to:
Phone: 704.775.6253
Website: NakedChocolate.ca
Twitter: @Naked_Chocolate
Facebook: Naked Chocolate

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By Aaron Elliott