Column 4: Dating In The City With Match Me Peterborough's Rebecca Cooper

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COLUMN 4 TOPIC: Choosing your Life Partner wisely.

The person you decide to marry is someone you should be able to imagine yourself beside in your 89th year, sitting on your front veranda enjoying tea, good conversation and the company of each other.

A relationship is not like buying a new shirt, one that you will surely grow out of and end up throwing out when it no longer fits you the way it once did.

When it comes to finding a partner to spend your life with, it’s important to be selective, as this will very well be one of the most important decisions you will ever be a part of. Finding someone to love, encourage and emotionally support you is something that each and every one of us deserves as human beings.

There is a special gift that we have all received in life: it is that we have all seen or been a part of a challenging relationship. There is a lot that we can take from that, most importantly it is about understanding that every day and in every decision we are the ones that make a choice.

Life is too precious to not pay attention to your happiness. When you find that special person you will know, make sure you enjoy every second of the ups and downs, live consciously and passionately.

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