DBIA Featured Post: Joie De Vie

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With a shop name translating to mean “Joy of Life”, you can probably guess the type of person you’re going to get when you meet owner Cherlyn Greig. The contagiously happy owner has been bringing downtown Peterborough unique and indie driven female style for 9 years now to her store located at 386 George St N.

The great thing about Joie De Vie is that you never know what you’re going to find when you walk into the store. To keep things fresh, and because the shop is smaller, Cherlyn only buys in small quantities. This means that it is an always evolving shop with new products and vendors being featured consistently.

While the shop focuses on accessories, clothing, jewellery, and bath and body products for women, it is constantly changing. Cherlyn is always looking for new product lines and distinct items that she hand selects to bring her customers something they won’t find anywhere else in town.


Joie De Vie is as far from a cookie cutterwomen’s store because Cherlyn doesn’t bring in products from massive companies. When she visits trade shows, she says she is always drawn to smaller, funky and unique indie companies. These unique items allow for her customers to create or accessorize a distinct style rather than wearing something bland and boring.

Cherlyn is always aiming to carry as many Canadian made products as possible, with a focus on locally made lines. You’ll find beaded accessories, cloth bags, folk dolls, and even Christmas socks in the shop now that come from our area.

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Aside from what is offered inside, Cherlyn believes that what she can offer is a personalized service that you might not find at larger retailers. She is always at the shop and stands behind the products she has personally brought in to sell.

She absolutely loves the downtown and the strong sense of community that she feels, especially with so many females owners. She says that the connection they share is unlike any other. If she doesn’t have what someone is looking for or knows of another store that could help compliment what a customer is buying, she’ll refer them to another store.

Along with the strong sense of community Cherlyn feels, she is also happy to get involved where she lives. She happily supports and sells Red Pashmina’s, supports the Peterborough Singers, worked with last year’s YWCA Chair for Charity event, and had a Black Friday Food Drive this year.

If you’re in the market for something fresh and entirely unique to our area, or are looking to get that special lady in your life an unmatched and impossible to duplicate gift for this holiday season, we suggest you visit Joie De Vie!

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For more on Joie De Vie (386 George St N.), go to:

Website: Joiedevie.net
Twitter: @joiedevie_shop
Facebook: Joie De Vie

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By Aaron Elliott