Police Issue Special Public Safety Warning In Regards To Steven Edward Yearley


 [**UPDATE August 15th**: From a Police release today...

Breach of Recognizance:
Steven Edward David Yearly, 23 of Donegal Street, was released from custody in March 2013 and is currently bound by a recognizance with conditions to abide by a curfew in your place of residence between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. each and every night and to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.  On August 15, 2013 at approximately 4:50 a.m. a Peterborough Lakefield Community Police officer observed the accused at the intersection of Reid and McDonnel Streets.  When the accused saw police, he began to run Northbound on Reid Street.  The officer pursued the accused and caught up with him.  As a result of the investigation, Yearly was arrested and charged with two counts of breach of recognizance.  He was held in custody and will appear in court today (August 15, 2013).

[**UPDATE, MAY 21st: We have been tipped off by a concerned resident that Yearley has been spotted going on regular walks in their west end neighbourhood—note that his hair is no longer shaved as in supplied police picture at left, but clipped short and is brown, we are told—so we asked the police for any update. They told us this: "We checked with our Inspector in Investigations.  Since being released  from custody, Yearley was placed on an 810 order with several strict  conditions he must abide by. Police are conducting checks on him and  working with Yearley to ensure he follows his conditions. There is no update, only that police continue to monitor him."

[**UPDATE, March 8th:Chex Newswatch has tracked down where Yearley may be now living in Peterborough, with a family member on Talwood Drive.]

From a special Peterborough Lakefield Media release March 6th...


(Peterborough,  Ontario) - The Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service is  issuing the following warning in regard to the release of a Federal  Reformatory inmate.

Steven  Edward Yearley, 23, has been released from custody after serving a  federal prison term, for Sexual Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Robbery,  Uttering Threats, Escape Lawful Custody, and Break and Enter.

Information  contained in his file indicates this man represents an overall high  risk to re-offend in a sexual or violent manner. Yearley is presently en  route to Peterborough.

His past includes convictions including Sexual  Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Robbery, Uttering Threats, Escape Lawful  Custody, and Break and Enter, Possession of Property Obtained by Crime  and Possession of a Schedule II Substance.

Yearley is described as male, white, 5’9”, blue eyes, and shaved brown hair. 

Further  information about this man's criminal record is confidential. In the  vast majority of cases no information about a former inmate's history is  ever released. However, the Peterborough Lakefield Community Police  Service has issued this warning believing the immediate safety of the  general public outweighs the need to maintain the usual anonymity  afforded persons released from the institutions following completion of  their sentences. The exemption for release of this information is  contained in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of  Privacy Act and the Community Safety Act.


Murray C. Rodd

Chief of Police


*****UPDATE: March 7 from police:

810.2 Criminal Code Recognizance in place for Steven Yearley:

The  810.2 Criminal Code Recognizance to keep the peace is a court procedure  the police can apply for when they have fear on reasonable grounds that  another person will commit a serious personal injury offense against  another individual in their community. In this case the OPP, who were  the police service responsible for investigating Steven Edward Yearley,  23, as the person who committed a violent sexual assault in their  jurisdiction, applied for this Section 810.2 Recognizance as they were  aware Yearley was being released from custody. 

Yearley had  been sentenced to a jail sentence of four years and six months in a  federal penitentiary.  During his sentence Corrections and the Federal  Parole officers attempted to work with Yearley to assist him in  rehabilitation and prepare him for his eventual release back into the  community. Yearley chose not to participate in any programs that may  help him for his eventual release and chose not to be released into the  community part way through his sentence on parole. Instead, Yearley  served his complete sentence in jail and was released a free man with no  supports in place and with no supervision by parole as his sentence had  expired. 

The  Section 810.2 is the only avenue available to allow the police to  ensure people who they believe still pose a threat to society are forced  through the courts to follow certain conditions. In this case Yearley  has been placed on a Recognizance to Keep the Peace for the maximum  length of time allowed, that being two years. Yearley is on the  following conditions that police are reporting and will closely monitor.  We are also asking for our community’s help to ensure he abides by his  conditions.

* Not to possess, apply for or obtain a firearms licence or any gun licence abstain from the purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol and non-prescription drugs and that he not enter any premise where alcohol is sold or served as its primary source of income or be employed in any such establishment.

* Abstain from the purchase, possession or consumption of prescription drugs except in accordance with a medical prescription in his name.

* Not attend any parks or trails with the exception of attending with immediate family members 18 years of age or older.

* Abide by a curfew in his place of residence between the hours to ten (10) p.m. and six (6) a.m. each and every night.

* Not associate with any person known to have a criminal record or believed to have a criminal record with the exception of his immediate family.

There  are also other reporting conditions, including meeting with our Police  Service who will continue to monitor Yearley and all of his release  conditions.  It is hoped that with the efforts of our community, the  Police Service and other support services we will work together to  assist Yearley to re-integrate back into our community and will not  commit further criminal offences. 


***Here's what Yearley did.


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