Information On Ice Storm Cleanup In Peterborough

From a City of Peterborough release today...

The recent ice storm has resulted in the damage and loss of numerous trees in the City of Peterborough. The resulting cleanup of City owned trees will be undertaken over the next week by City staff on a priority basis. Roads, boulevards and sidewalks will be addressed first, then trails, parks and open spaces next.

City residents who have limbs and debris from privately owned trees are asked to use the City’s Green Waste Collection program for their disposal needs. Guidelines for collection are located on the City’s website at, and include the following:

• Lifts can be no heavier than 22kgs (50lbs) and no longer than 1m (3ft) in length
• Unlimited quantities of green waste collected when in reusable containers (with labels), bushel baskets or paper yard waste bags.
• Set out green waste no earlier than 7pm the night before or no later than 7am the morning of your collection.

Limbs which are larger than the collection guidelines will be the responsibility of the resident or property owner to locate suitable disposal methods. The City County Landfill Site located on Bensfort Road will accept such wood waste at their regular posted rates (up to 100 kg free).

Citizens are asked to use caution when they are using the many City owned open spaces and parklands which contain wooded areas, because dangers may still be present until thorough inspections of these areas can be completed. Public Safety concerns can be addressed to Public Works at 705-745-1386.
The co-operation of City residents in these efforts is appreciated.

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