DBIA Featured Post: The Pita Pit


Locally owned and operated by Doug Fisher, The Pita Pit (347 George St N) has been a mainstay in Peterborough’s downtown core for just over 16 years now, having opened on April 4th, 1997.

The goal of the Pita Pit is to offer a friendly environment that serves a healthy fast food alternative for people on the go. They are proud to be part of a vibrant, bustling and ever changing downtown.

The Pita Pit is always happy to be involved in the community and takes part in many local events such as the yearly Taste of Downtown, as well as selling their product at Wakestock on Little Lake.

Recently, the business entered the catering market and provides great meals for luncheons and meetings, a side of the business which has really taken off for them. They have also set up an Elementary School lunch program which offers kids relatively inexpensive healthy meal choices when offered. The Pita Pit is also happy to offer intermittent customer appreciation days, with great deals on product which usually pop up unannounced. These days are well appreciated by their customers.

For more on The Pita Pit, go to Pitapit.com or call 705-745-9119. They are located at 347 George St N.

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By Aaron Elliott