PTBOPics & Coverage: Winners Of 2013 Butter Tart Taste-Off At Flavour Festival

The Flavour Festival took place Sunday (April 28th), and to wrap it up was the 1st Annual Butter Tart Taste-off. Eleven businesses each created two butter tarts for each judge to taste, which meant the judges had a big task ahead of them! They had to sample each one, and choose the best crust, best filling, the most creative butter tart, and the overall best Butter Tart.

The judges were....

Stu Harrison (President and CEO, Peterborough Chamber of Commerce): He was rooting for Team No-Raisins, much to the ire of some of the crowd.

Chef Brian Henry (Professor at Sir Sandford Fleming College): He thought he had signed up for a Butter Tart eating contest, and was ready to beat everyone.

Dan Duran (Radio host of Magic 96.7 FM): He wanted to drink the middle of his Butter Tarts.

Carol-Ann Eason (1st Class Foodie): She was looking for a Butter Tart that would run down her chin.

Linda Kash (Radio host of Magic 96.7 FM): She wanted her Butter Tarts to be ooey-gooey and have cream cheese in them.

Jay Thuler: Jay hoped for a Butter Tart that didn't have too much crust, or not enough goo.

Rita DeMontis (Food Writer for the Toronto SUN): She was hoping for a Butter Tart with a flakey crust.

The judges made their way though numerous tarts, while host Shari Darling posed questions to them.

Chef Brian Henry uses a unique technique to sample a Butter Tart, no doubt from his years of culinary training.

Stu Harrison and Chef Brian Henry discuss the finer points of a Butter Tart.

Jay Thuler couldn't decide which hand to hold the microphone in after getting into a sticky mess; thankfully, there was a pile of wet-naps on standby.

The winners were...

Best Crust: Argyle Country Mart

Best Filling: Doo Doo's

Best Creative Tart: Doo Doo's

Overall Best Tart: Betty's Pies & Tarts

People's Choice: Cravings Bakery

Congratulations to everyone that entered, and if you haven't seen our video series, be sure to check out...


[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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