A Big Brawl Inside Whistle Stop Cafe Has Resulted In Several Arrests

From a Peterborough Lakefield Police release Saturday...

Cause Disturbance by fighting

On the 06April13 at approx. 1:21 AM foot patrol officers observed a large disturbance inside the Whistle Stop Cafe located at George and Charlotte. Officers observed 10 to 12 people involved in the fight and another 40 to 50 watching the fight. Two parties were separated by officers and when the officers went to separate the other parties these two individuals began to fight again.

Officers again separated these two individuals and learned they were the instigators of the disturbance. These two individuals were arrested. Charged with causing a disturbance by fighting are Gregory Trotter, 21 of Stratford Ont. and Michael Redpath, 21 of Cedar Terrace Peterborough. Both parties were released when sober on the 6th of April. Redpath will appear in court on the 2nd of May. Trotter will appear in court on the 25th of April.


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