Downtown Store Tango Has Closed

photo via Sofawned.comDésirée Fawn, owner of the shop Tango in Peterborough's Fashion District since April 2012, has made the difficult decision to close the store.

In a posting to her Facebook page, she made the heartfelt announcement:

"Last week I made the tough choice to close Tango. Owning a store downtown was the fulfilling of a dream for me and I will never regret having taken over the shop as a single mother at age 25 and creating a space that ended up being truly my own. However, in business there are always highs and lows, risks and adventures -- and after much deliberation, I knew it was time to say goodbye to the shop.

"Greatness is not achieved by never falling, but by rising each time we fall."

And so I'll rise and enjoy this new phase of life.

Thank you so much to the friends and family who have been incredibly supportive and to all who helped Tango be a special chapter in my lives."

We wish Désirée all the best in future endeavours. More on the announcement, and what her next steps are can be found on her blog So Fawned. As she says there, "To the new. To the future. To moving on & making the most of it all."

Well said.


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