DBIA Feature: Offices That Work!


Located at 459 George St N, Offices That Work! brings a big city feel in a small city package to the downtown Peterborough core. Taking up residence in the Shandry Building since 2009, it offers a customizable business setting to individuals that is unmatched in the community.

Directors Lynn Marie Landry and Alvin Schieck are proud to offer individual professionals many different business options to suit any type of need. Offices That Work! offers a unique atmosphere where professionals can represent themselves in an executive setting. Whether an individual simply needs a boardroom for a day to conduct a seminar or an office for a week or months on end, this elegant setting can be made to look like a place of permanence.


With a wide array of offices to choose from, and such dedicated staff whose aim is to cater to your every business need, Offices That Work! provides a business setting without all of the unneeded headaches of overhead—with no lease required. Another added touch is the corporate support on site and availability of a downtown phone number and mailing address to complete the setting.

Located in the former home of the Church of the Open Bible, Offices That Work! have done their part to keep many pieces of the buildings past history while adding a modern touch. From the light fixtures and many original windows, to old pews used as benches and the wood framing in many rooms, the setting offers a touch of both old and new.

Lynn and Alvin realize that not every client has the same taste in terms of office setting and because of this they cater to each and every individual’s needs. Small details such as specific hot beverages and fruits, to larger items such as antique tables and desks are made available to help make the atmosphere the clients' very own.


Being located in downtown Peterborough has put Offices That Work! in a prime professional location within walking distance to many of this city’s finest individually owned restaurants and shops which only further helps to enhance the executive feeling it brings.

The building is still under renovation in areas with plans of further commercial and office space being made available in its newly formed top floor and basement. Lynn and Alvin invite you to contact them to plan a viewing of this prestigious building in our downtown core. If you are currently a professional working out of your own living space, you might see an upgrade in your future!

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For more on Offices That Work! (459 George St N), go to:

Website: Officesthatwork.ca
Phone: 705.775.3436
Twitter: @officesthatwork

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By Aaron Elliott