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Rebecca Cooper's Dating in the City

Rebecca Cooper's Dating in the City

COLUMN 1 TOPIC: How to approach a woman and successfully ask her out

Before you consider dating, you need to first learn how to approach her.

Your physical image is what she first will see; she will build a quick impression of you just from your exterior shell. First impressions count. Are you a career successful, well-educated man who would like to meet a fit and attractive female? Then you need to look the part, as your inner self should influence your personal style.

Women want to be courted by someone who has made the effort to update their look with clothing that is modern and age appropriate. Also someone who is well groomed and smells absolutely charming.

Matchmaker FYI:  Women care about appearance but are far less concerned if you look like a Hollywood hunk. They are more attracted to the man inside the body.

What’s your strategy for a date? You need to have already mentally mapped out a fabulous evening with this person, and you need to let them know what kind of man you are. Women want to run into their friends or colleagues when out with a confident man so this means that taking her out to a hip restaurant in downtown Peterborough should be a part of the plan. Women also love the romantic attempts men make in movies so consider buying her a small box of delicatessen chocolates or bringing her a bottle of your favourite wine.

Confidence is eye contact with someone, smiling while shaking their hand and a comfortable stature when speaking with them. Your voice needs to project assurance with a strong masculine touch. The confidence in a man is what gets the women in the end.

A man’s morale couldn’t be any sexier in my opinion.

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