The Heartwarming Story Of How The Elliotts Came To Be Foster Parents To Cute Kittens

Our Aaron Elliott tells the story in his words...

The phone rang just before dinner time on October 2nd and I quickly flashed a look to see that it was my mom calling through. On the other end, she explained to me how a man who was over giving her a quote for yard work had heard a faint animal cry and went on to discover three very small newborn kittens in the shed underneath the back deck, huddled together on the dirt floor.

Not knowing what to do herself, she called our house knowing that my wife with her experience working with animals would have a better idea than her. After asking if any cats had been spotted, my mom waited and watched for awhile and none returned.

Figuring they had unfortunately been abandoned, my wife went over to have a look. She had me on the phone not long after arriving to tell me that she discovered a 4th kitten who had wandered away and was under a lawn mower she had moved—and somehow avoided hurting it in the process!

About 10 minutes later after having a picture sent via text, my wife's car pulled into the lane way and she was in the door within seconds with a box and 4 new kittens. She couldn't say no! Three long nights later with feedings happening around the clock, we are happy to report we're foster parents to these four (see pictures throughout this post) incredibly cute and all quite distinct bundles of fur.

Each of us in the family was given a chance to name one. We chose the names Molly, Jerry, Thomas (eventually changed to Hazel based on the whole gender thing) and Mel Gibson.

We know it'll be an interesting and hopefully happy journey raising them until they can be adopted out (we already have two cats and a dog). It's a rewarding experience we definitely look forward to helping out with!

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