The City Reminds You Not To Rake Leaves Onto City Streets

City Council has approved an amendment to By-Law No. 94-55 which prohibits the raking of loose leaves, branches, shrubs or any other yard waste onto City streets and boulevards. This bylaw is now in place to increase safety for children, pets and pedestrians; to reduce incidents of blocked sewers, flooding and icing; and to reduce collection costs. It will also help to eliminate the problem of loose leaves blowing back onto your and your neighbours’ properties.

All yard waste is to be set out in paper bags, bushel baskets or containers labeled with a Green Waste sticker on your regular waste collection day. There is no limit on quantities so rake as you please. Green Waste collection runs weekly until November 28th. Green Waste stickers are available at no-charge from the City Hall Reception Desk, 500 George Street North or the Public Works Office, 182 Townsend Street. Residents may also transport their green waste year-round to the City/County Landfill Site, located on Bensfort Road.   

You can do this with leaves though...

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