Peterborough's Nader Nadernejad Was On Canada's Smartest Person Sunday Night

Peterborough's Nader Nadernejad, 16, was on the CBC show Canada's Smartest Person Sunday night (November 9th)—the youngest contestant to appear on the show this season.

There are four contestants per episode competing against each other in six categories: musical, physical, social, logical, visual and linguistic—with only one contestant making it through to the 8 contestant series finale.

Nader struggled in the opening "Math" round, prompting the Host Jessi Cruickshank to ask him who his math teach was this year. "I didn't take math this year," he replied. He regained his composure and sat in third place going into the last challenge—a physical competition—before the final round.

Nader excelled in the physical challenge and received enough points to bump him into 2nd place to compete (against the eventual episode winner) in the final challenge, "The Gauntlet", which tests contestants in all six categories. (The winner, Johnny MacRae, finished the entire Gauntlet before Nader could complete the first task.)

Congrats to Nader for finishing second. Amazing achievement from a kid who has great things ahead of him. You can follow him on Twitter @OhLookItsNader where he has 123,000 followers, or learn more about him here. —Scott Arnold

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