38 Places In Peterborough That Will Make You Nostalgic

To know where you're at and where you're going, you need to know where you've been. Here are 38 things that make us sentimental about this city we love...  (Add to this list on our Facebook post.)

1. Royal Burger Drive-In

2. Eaton's  > the anchor store when Peterborough Square was hopping!

3. Mother's Pizzeria

4. Copperfields > rock out!

5. Outboard Marine


7. Ponderosa  > salad bar!!!!



8. Hi Tops

9. Sneaky Pete's 

10. Olive Garden > the all-you-can-eat salad and bread sticks!




11. The Rooster (aka Purple Rooster) > "Tainted Love!"



12. Trasheteria

13. Mustang Drive In

14. Coyote Cave


15. East City Bakery

16. Have You Seen Video...


17. The Red Barn


18. Zellers downtown


19. Capitol & Odeon theatres

20. The Pepsi Taste Challenge, 1982

21. The Moho

22. Sam the Record Man

23. Northcrest Pizza Village

24. Lansdowne Place Movie theatres


25. Mexicali Rosa's

26. Clovers



27. Zeke's Thunder

28. Ted's Place Video



29. Miss Diana

30. Club 123 > Depeche Mode, New Order, Ministry, Joy Division...

31. Club 404

32. Vibe

33. Woolworth's


34. The Pines > rocking out in Bridgenorth!


35. Wheelies Family Roller Centre

36. The Peterborough Arms








37. The Kaos Cafe


38. A&A's on George St.

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