Petes Player Apologizes For Derogatory Comments Made On Tinder, Organization Asks Public To STOP Harassing The Woman

In the wake of the social media incident that took place at the beginning of the week, Greg Betzold—backed by the Peterborough Petes organization—is urging the public to cease all negative communication with involved parties.
In a just released statement, Betzold—who is suspended 15 games from the organization—said the following:

“On Monday morning, an excerpt of a conversation I had on Tinder was made public. My language and attitude in that conversation were unacceptable, insulting, and I exercised poor judgment in speaking to an individual in that manner. I am truly sorry to the woman I offended, her family, my own family, the Peterborough Petes, our fans, and the Ontario Hockey League for my insensitive remarks. I am going to use this as an opportunity to reflect on how my words can affect others, and to fully appreciate the standard expected of me as a member of the Peterborough Petes.
The language I used is a result of an attitude and behavioral issue that I have to change. The Peterborough Petes organization has already arranged for me to receive sensitivity training, and I thank them for working with me to address my mistake. I am fully committed to learning from this situation, becoming a positive member of the community, and a positive example of how to treat others.  
Furthermore, I have become aware that others have contacted the woman I insulted with inappropriate and threatening remarks. I am asking those people to stop this immediately. It was my mistake to use this language, and she deserves nothing but support in this situation.”
Jim Devlin

Jim Devlin

Jim Devlin, President of the Petes Board of Directors, adds “it has come to our attention that the young lady that was the target of Greg’s communication has and continues to receive threatening and harassing messages through a variety of platforms.

The Petes are pleading with the public to refrain from making negative or unsupportive comments toward the woman or any other involved parties.”

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