BREAKING: Unconfirmed Reports Of A Meteor

**We are looking at doing a possible expedition: "Peterborough Meteor Hunt" (hashtag #ptbometeorhunt). Details here.  [UPDATE: Here's the path the fireball took, according to an analysis by the American Meteor Society.]

[UPDATE, May 5th: The National Post quotes Peter Brown, a professor at the University of Western Ontario who studies meteors, as saying that "based on the data and the eyewitness reports, it appears the shockwave occurred in the area of Peterborough, and its characteristics allowed for an estimate of the size of the meteor." A Globe and Mail report adds that the "once-in-a-decade astronomical event" has Ontarians poised for a "large and possibly lucrative rock hunt throughout Southern Ontario"—and that most speculated the meteor disappeared somewhere around Peterborough, Ont. The "Peterborough meteor", as the Globe article refers to it as, measured between half a metre and a metre in diameter and weighs at least one metric ton.]

Eyewitnesses spotted a fireball in the sky—a blue light, then a loud boom, possibly a meteor. Epicentre appears to be in Oshawa/Scarborough/GTA/Peterborough area, with a sonic boom blast/explosion felt, and some people in Peterborough reporting their houses shaking—we felt it, too. Pictures (and video) coming in on Twitter (see below).... American Meteor Society currently investigating... More here from the Toronto Star and CTV News. Follow us on Twitter on @Ptbo_Canada for live reports...

Scott Arnold & Neil Morton

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