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For Mili Mezei, real estate and all of its facets are a passion. The career professional has worked in so many different areas of it that one would forgive her if she forgot a few of them!

Born and raised in Toronto, Mili grew up in a typical European home with newly emigrated parents to Canada. She attended York University where she graduated with a major in French Linguistics. A few years down the road, she became a paralegal and started working on the legal side of things at a Law Firm specializing in residential real estate.

As a paralegal, Mili had also become a Commissioner of Oaths, which was very beneficial to her down the road. A mother of two, Mili has worked with tenants, landlords, lenders, land development, franchising, facility management and property management. During this time, Mili began working on her real license. She obtained her real estate license, specializing in commercial properties (while also working with residential properties).

In 2012 she moved to Peterborough, and all of her experiences came to a head in 2013, where with the help of Peterborough Economic Development's Business Advisory Centre Mili started her lease abstracting business The Canadian Lease Abstractor as an added service to her already successful commercial sales and leasing career. With her legal and real estate background combined with big city experience, she was excited to bring this unique service to Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes.

 Mili Mezei

Mili Mezei

What Mili provides with The Canadian Lease Abstractor business is really quite unique and in a lot of ways a great resource to make life easier for people bound by commercial leases. By abstracting leases, she is essentially summarizing the document to assist the reader in locating frequently referenced items without needing to continually read through the entire document and decipher the meanings.

With so much difficult to understand technical language in these documents, Mili works toward creating a simpler layman’s terms report for quick accessibility. Additionally, all of the financial terms, critical dates and obligations of the lease are documented in the abstract, which makes it useful particularly for property investors or lenders. Providing a lease abstract rather than a full lease text also saves time and money for those who are performing due diligence on the property for a potential sale or acquisition and takes all of the guess work out.

Mili loves her new community and as a realtor with Flat Rate Realty, she knows that the area is attracting new businesses. Her skills in lease abstracting and experience in commercial real estate have shown her the importance of what her service brings, and she wants people to know that there is help out there for them.

The people who Mili has helped out with her abstracting are a wide ranging group. They include:
-       Investors/Buyers
-       Porperty Managers
-       Maintenance Workers
-       Lease Administrators
-       Leasing Agents
-       Realtors/Brokers
-       Tenants
-       Landlords
-       Lenders
-       Facility Management Companies
-       Trustees in Bankruptcy

If one of Mili’s clients wants a lease abstracted and from the information provided decides not to pursue the property, she can locate other properties and work with them on that.

If you’re involved in any way with Commercial real estate and have ever wondered what you have gotten yourself into, The Canadian Lease Abstractor could be of great assistance! Don’t second guess yourself!

For more info on Canadian Lease Abstractor, go to:
Facebook: The Canadian Lease Abstrator
Twitter: @LeaseAbstractor
Phone: 705.313.3803

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