29 Things That Could Only Have Been Invented In Peterborough

1. Mullets  2. Plaid  3. Unashamed Shirtless Dudes  4. Electronic scooters  5. Poutine  6. Animal selfies  7. Tweet ups  8. Dancing clowns at flower stores  9. The idea that wearing pajama pants in public is totally fine  10. peanut races  11. The Love Shack  12. Talking Crows 13. junior hockey  14. lacrosse  15. free zoos  16. parking tickets  17. slam poetry  18. fairy trees  19. free music festivals  20. oatmeal  21. poorly timed street lights  22. colour changing fountains  23. double reading breaks  24. Socks in Bierkenstocks  25. Cafe districts  26. concrete arch bridges  27. microbreweries 28. Beautiful sunset pictures  29. Euchre

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