PTBOCanada Featured Post: A Profile On Bill Fox From Fox Law Firm

Bill Fox

Bill Fox

If you know anything about the barrister scene in Peterborough, one of the few constants that stand out in town is the name Bill Fox. The Fox Law firm has been a part of our community for more than 40 years now and has gone through many changes, but always with Bill at the forefront.

Born in Toronto before moving to Cornwall, Ont., where he grew up, Bill is the oldest in a family of four children. Fluent in French, Bill grew up an avid golfer, playing at one time for the Quebec provincial team. His father owned a hotel in the French district of Cornwall which further cemented his French connection.

Upon graduating from high school where he was described in the yearbook as “Perry Mason with a golf club," Bill went on to the prestigious St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto where, in his first year, he met Anne, his wife to be! With Anne by his side, working at Bell, and later as a high school teacher, Bill then attended Osgoode Hall law school where they married after his first year there. When Bill graduated with his law degree, he immediately moved to Peterborough, where he has remained ever since.

Working for various firms as an associate including with Howell and Fleming, partnering with John McCarney, and later Jim Potts, Bill set out on his own in 1984 as a sole practitioner and Fox Law has been a part of our community ever since. Working with Bill since 1978 is his secretary Colleen Worboy, and joining them in 1988 was Patty Parks. They still work together as a team to this day!

2014 has been a major year for Bill at Fox Law. With his ever growing portfolio and responsibilities around town, he has taken on Ross Pryde and Nicole Truman—watch for a profile on her next in this series—as associate lawyers. Both Ross and Nicole have business administration undergraduate degrees and both worked in business before going to law school. In May of this year, the firm assumed the law practice of retiring lawyer, John Crook, and in October they are moving their office from its current fourth floor residence in the J. J. Turner building (140 King Street) in downtown Peterborough to the expanded premises just one floor down on the third floor, in the same building!


- Business law (corporate and commercial)         
- Real estate
- Powers of attorney                                                              
- Wills
- Estate Administration

Bill prides himself on being very active in the community outside of his law practice. Other than his lifelong golf hobby, and love of hockey and bridge, he has been the past director of the Peterborough Rotary Club, the YMCA, Peterborough Golf and Country Club, as well as the past president of the Peterborough Law Association.         

Note: This is the 2nd of a 3-part series on Fox Law in Peterborough. Read our first post here.

For more information on Bill Fox and Fox Law, they can be reached at:

Phone: 705.743.2300
Fax: 705.743.9932

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