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Peterborough Fashion Week Kicks Off

Peterborough Fashion Week, proudly presented by Canadian Tire, will take place this month giving retailers the chance to show off Christmas and New Year’s fashion. Events will take place from Sunday, November 15th to Saturday, November 21st.  

Peterborough Fashion Week is a celebration of Peterborough's fashion scene, talent and it's impact on the diversity, culture and economic development of our community. All proceeds from the events are in support of Five Counties Children’s Centre. “For 40 years children with special needs and their families have depended on Five Counties,” says Dave Adams, Executive Director of Five Counties Children’s Centre. “Funds raised in the community are one of the reasons we’re able to maintain our services.” 

Volunteers give their time and skills to ensure the week’s success makes Fashion Week possible. Catia Skinner, CEO of the Kawartha Entertainment Group Inc. and co-owner of Mega Experience, is chairing this year’s Steering Committee. “Peterborough Fashion Week is an amazing charitable initiative, and it is not just about the fashion events. It is about the Peterborough community working together towards a goal of helping the children of Five Counties Children’s Centre,” says Catia. 

Peterborough Fashion Week facilitates new opportunities for individuals in the fashion industry in our community and Toronto, through building strong collaboration locally, nationally and globally. “Peterborough Fashion Week showcases and promotes Canadian designers, local retailers, photographers, makeup & hair artists, models and stylists, says Christina Abbott, owner of STRUTT Central. "Peterborough Fashion Week supports inclusivity; promoting and celebrating models of diverse size, ethnic background, ability and age.”

This year’s theme “Fashion Week Lands in Peterborough”, produced by Christina Abbott, Peter Gray and Peter Nguyen, took place at the Peterborough Airport. Mega Experience designed this year’s marketing concept, including the website, ads and graphics. Peterborough Fashion Week is also sponsored in part by Russelle Toyota and Ashburnham Realty. There are still opportunities to sponsor #PTBOFW2015. For those interested, please visit