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Peterborough Public Library Food for Fines Program

The Peterborough Public Library will be running a “Food for Fines” event at the end of November. For every in-date non-perishable food item donated by a patron, $1 in overdue fines will be waived from their library account. The campaign will run from Monday November 21st until Saturday December 3rd, with donations going to the Kawartha Food Share.

As we get closer to moving back into our newly renovated building, we want the entire community to be aware that they have access to our collection, resources and services. For many of our patrons, library fines can act as a barrier to returning to the Library. We can help remove that barrier, as well as help out a local community resource by partnering with Kawartha Food Share.  

In addition to the "Food for Fines" event, the Library will be erasing the fines from patrons accounts accumulated prior to December 31st, 2009. When the Library updated its software in 2010, some collection information was not transferred successfully. “We can see the dollar amount each patron owes, but we don’t have a detailed list of what items those fines are for” says acting CEO Jenn Jones. “The staff brought the idea forward to ask the Library Board of Directors for approval to remove the fines linked to the old software since we can’t explain the details to our patrons.”

This is the first step in reopening our doors to the community. We want to see as many people as possible using their new Public Library, and we are committed to finding ways to get Peterborough to rediscover their Public Library again. 

You can bring your in-date non-perishable food items to either the Main Branch of the Library located on the lower level of Peterborough Square or visit the DelaFosse Branch located at 729 Park Street South, from Monday November 21st until Saturday December 3rd.