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Food for Thought Banquet


‘Food for Thought’ is no ordinary fundraising dinner. When participants walk through the doors of The Mount Community Centre on April 22nd, they’ll take on different identities. Guests will draw a card to determine just what they’ll have for dinner.  Will it be the roast beef and trimmings, or a meal that reflects what too many in our community must settle for, dependent on a food bank for ingredients? These entrees reflect the vast differences in today’s economic environment. The ‘Food for Thought’ banquet gives participants the opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes, explore issues related to hunger and poverty in Peterborough, and learn about the unique ways the Mount Community Centre is addressing food and housing insecurity in our community.

Ric Johnson, Broadcaster and Voice-Over Specialist, will serve as Master of Ceremony and the event will involve a dinner, and special presentations by guest speakers who have experienced adversity at some point in their lifetime, or are leaders in organizations dedicated to addressing poverty in our society. The banquet, hosted by Don Vassiliadis and staff from the SKH Events and Catering Co, will be held in the historic chapel at The Mount, 1545 Monaghan Road.   Cocktails at 6:00 p.m. and dinner at 7:00 p.m. Entertainment will be provided by Curtis Driedger and the Zippity Doo Dah Community Soul Chorus.  

“Feeling hunger for many of us can last maybe an hour, but for some individuals it can last months and maybe even years,” explains Steve Kylie, Chair, Board of Directors, The Mount Community Centre. “Learning about disparity through a hands-on experience allows us to better understand those who may not have the same opportunities that we do. This event gives participants the opportunity to discuss issues related to hunger and poverty in our local community.” 

“Food insecurity exists within a household when one or more members do not have access to the variety or quantity of food that they need due to lack of money,” says Kate Ramsay, Food for Thought Event Chair. “Citizens and elected officials in our City and County are determined to make poverty reduction a priority. Learn what role the Mount Community Centre will play in that initiative, and see what fortune has in store for you April 22nd.” Tickets are $75.00 per person and can be purchased online at or at the Shish Kabob Hut or by calling (705) 875-5095 or email:

Proceeds from the event go to The Mount Community Centre property development project. Tax receipts issued.