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Laura Flores Shaw: Education for the 21st Century

Renowned speaker, writer coming to Peterborough to address local parents

Kawartha Montessori School to host Laura Flores Shaw for talk: Education for the 21st Century

Kawartha Montessori is proud to host Laura Flores Shawrenowned writer, speaker, and author as she discusses how we need to reshape our education system for the realities of our modern world.

Event Details:

What: A talk called “Education for the 21st Century”
Our changing society presents new challenges that require us to fundamentally rethink our concept of school. The public education system successfully trained millions of children for the industrial society and economybut the proliferation of digital technologies has resulted in our becoming a society of distributed networks where the economy runs on knowledge. How can our education system best prepare children for this reality?

Using research from multiple disciplines, including sociology, economics, cognitive science, psychology, education, and neuroscience, this talk challenges our concept of school and proposes a new concept that can prepare children for the 21st century society and economy.

When: Monday, May 16 from 7-9 pm
Where: Adam Scott Collegiate Auditorium, 175 Langton Street

Why: The competencies required for success in the 21st century are very different than those required in the not too distant past. This talk provides parents and educators in the Peterborough community to come together and hear new ideas about how to best prepare our children for this future.

Visuals: An auditorium of parents and educators, Laura Flores Shaw speaking and responding to questions, and audience members.

About Laura Flores Shaw

Laura is the lead editor, writer, and founder of White Paper Press, a think tank specializing in translating scientific research into terms that allows people to make informed decisions about their lives. She is currently a doctoral candidate in education with a specialization in mind, brain, and teaching at Johns Hopkins University School of Education. Laura previously worked as a family therapist in the public school system where she realized her desire to work on the prevention rather than intervention side of mental health. That led her to reviving a failing Montessori school where she became passionate about creating environments that allow children to thrive in every way. In 2014, she retired from school administration to focus on advocating at a broader level for frameworks that can improve the lives of children and their families. Learn more here:

About Kawartha Montessori School

Kawartha Montessori School has been educating local children for over 30 years. As the only Montessori school in the area accredited by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators ( KMS emphasizes the whole child; providing a thoughtful setting and enlisting exceptional educators to awaken in a student a love of learning and a yearning to become an engaged, socially responsible citizen. 

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