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5th Annual Rotary Spelling Bee

The 5th Annual Rotary Spelling Bee will be held Saturday, May 07, 2016 at Fleming College, Peterborough.
The new French Language Spelling Bee will be held on April 26 at Westmount Elementary School and The Senior Spelling Bee will return May 3 at Royal Gardens
Click HERE to see a great Youtube video of Spelling Bee tips and tricks by a former Spelling Bee competitor
Click Here to see the photos of the winners and HERE to see the Youtube video clip.

*Please Note: 2 words were discovered to be misspelled on the French Bee bookmark.  

In the Grades 4-6 word list: battaille is incorrect and should be bataille.
In the Grades 7-8 word list: oreillier is incorrect and should be oreiller.
These words will not be part of the contest due to the error.

Questions and Comments:

April 26th.  Rotary French Spelling Bee.  9:30 AMGrades 7 & 8.

12:30 PMGrades 4 - 6.

Westmount Elementary School.

May 3rd.  Rotary Senior Spelling Bee.  10 AM.  Royal Gardens.

May 7th.  Rotary Spelling Bee9 AMGrades 4-6.

1 PMGrades 7 & 8.

Sir Sandord Fleming College, Brealey Drive.