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Explore the World of Cheese and Wine for Valentine's Day

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Did you know that cheese possesses 10 TIMES as much PEA, phenylethylamine -- believed to release the same rush of hormones as sexual intercourse –as does chocolate?  

And the calcium in cheese also helps to keep your teeth strong. A healthy mouth is a kissable mouth!

So what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Come and enjoy this romantic evening by taking part in our world tour of cheese and wine.  During this tasting you'll discover the true art of cheese tasting.  You'll learn about how terroir, milk, starters, cultures, and molds make cheese so distinct.

Discover on your palate how the flavours and textures of cheese transform when sipped with the perfect wine. Enjoy 7 cheeses paired with 4 different wine varieties.

Christel Rumgay and Shari Darling are your instructors.  Christel is cheesemonger at Delectable Fine Foods.

Delectable Fine Foods is a store for living, giving and entertaining. Cooking great food and sharing it with friends and family is always rewarding. It brings great joy to see others take pleasure in the plates from our kitchens. I am always eager to share the secret ingredients and recipes I happen to stumble upon during my adventures. 

Also included in this package: 

Copy of Shari Darling's ebook called Wine and Cheese Lovers' Cookbook

Note: Tickets are non refundable.  However, you can give your ticket to someone else.

Earlier Event: February 13
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