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Crime City: The Private Eye Effect!

Crime City is back and bigger than ever! This month, we're moving into the Gordon Best Theatre (above The Only Cafe on Hunter Street) for an evening of live music, comedy and a brand new episode of Crime City in which YOU control the action! That's right, this month's episode is An Adventure Of Your Choosing!

Our heroes, Police Chief Victor Marshall, Private Detective Lillian Steel and Adventure Scout Brad Bramble investigate unusual occurrences at a creepy mansion! At key moments, you the audience will decide how the show progesses! Eight possible endings, one of which will make this THE FINAL EPISODE OF CRIME CITY EVER!

-Mike Judson
-Marsala Lukianchuk
-Kenn Gibb
-Dan Smith
-Adam Martignetti
-Melanie Dubois
-Ray Henderson
-with LIVE SOUND EFFECTS by Melissa Post!

With special guests:
-Lindsay Unterlander!
-Danny Bronson!
-Caitlin Currie!

Join us for an entertaining evening of live music, intrigue and comedy! Tickets are $10 at the door!