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Igniting Hearts With Hope


Vahen King brings “Igniting Hearts With Hope” to Peterborough.  Vahen who lives in BC, was raised Peterborough and is a friend of the Pastor of  Calvary Church.  Pastor Paul has generously donated the use of the auditorium. It is hoped that the presentation by Vahen, the panel discussion during which people can reach out, and the organizations on site with available resources can help those in need and perhaps in an emotional crisis.  If we help one person, it’s all work it.

In order for the panel Q & A discussion to reach out to as many people as possible,the panel participants will represent one focus each, and connect with audience members in their own special way. The panel will include Vahen, someone from Hospice Peterborough, someone who has suffered a debilitating depression and is on the road to recovery, someone who has experienced a personal loss, and Peterborough Youth Services since this epidemic is multi generational.

A well known moderator will facilitate the panel discussion Q & A.  Microphones will be in each aisle with a volunteer staffing each mic location.  Questions and answers need to be clear and direct so we can get through as many as possible.

Mental health resources with tables down the wide hallway in front of the auditorium, and I sincerely hope that attendees feel safe reaching out.  It is my goal to create a safe environment where attendees can do so.

Below is a quote from some promotional material.

A night of inspiration with Miss Wheelchair Canada 2017 – Vahen King.

We know that life isn’t always easy. Some of us may suffer from illness that turn our lives upside down. We may feel hurt by people close to us. Anxiety depression and mistrust seem normal in our society, and with suicide attempts higher than ever, let’ s face it – we are in a crisis of HOPE.

If that’s true, how is it possible to move forward and experience any kind of hope?

Vahen believes that when you Ignite hope in the hearts of those who are lonely, hurt, depressed or feeling lost, you offer a light to someone who can’t see their next step.

It’s time for us to come together and help others take that first step in getting the help they need. So whether you need hope, inspiration, resources, or connections, Igniting Hearts with Hope Event is a night for you.

Calvary Church, 1421 Lansdowne Street West


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