DBIA Featured Post: Hobart's Steakhouse


In 2012, Ken Found and Frank Peters were looking to expand their steakhouse Hobart's. Thirteen years earlier, Ken as the principal owner and Frank as the Executive Chef and Operations Manager created Lindsay, Ontario’s premier steak restaurant located in the heart of downtown.

After searching for a location that offered visibility, accessibility, and the opportunity to expand, Ken and Frank found just that at 139 Hunter St W in downtown Peterborough. After some expansive renovations to the 150+ year old landmark, they were able to create the upscale, yet casual restaurant they were looking for.

Named after Frank’s father—who was a respected beef cattle producer and marketer with a PhD—Hobart’s Steakhouse has become a go-to steakhouse in downtown Peterborough. It's a place where you can feel the comfortable and inviting atmosphere as soon as you come through the doors! Still on the renovation list is a private 24 seat wine cellar dining room to be finished later on this year that will only add to the incredible experience.

Specializing in Certified Angus Beef (CAB) Brand steaks, Hobart’s is a step above the competition. In 2013, Frank was named by the CAB Brand as an ambassador signifying a superior level of expertise in the brand and beef quality standards in general. As one can imagine, the menu centers on the almighty steak, but it is not limited to the idea of focusing on just high quality red meat only options.


Also available on their broad menu is a variety of chicken, veal and seafood dishes, as well as an incredible array of soups/salads and an appetizer menu that is sure to please any palate. The atmosphere Hobart’s offers is one that is casually elegant. Diners will feel immediately comfortable in its warm setting and use it for any occasion whether it is a meal before heading to the theatre, a Petes or Lakers game, a meeting with business partners, or anything in between. They have always worked with the philosophy that “We dress up, but you don’t have to.”

The new downtown Peterborough location suits Hobart’s well, as they believe they are in the company of many other amazing quality independently owned restaurants and bars, each with its own unique set of
options. They believe that Hunter St. offers a great central location within walking distance of every great shopping and entertainment venue that you could want to visit. The building they were lucky enough to find
is extremely beautiful and represents the history and quality that the restaurant and its owners would like to be associated with.


The Lindsay location has been a proud supporter of many worthy causes in its community with the contribution of many gift certificates for charitable endeavors. The United Way, Women’s Resources awareness campaigns, and Ross Memorial Hospital have all had campaigns that Hobart’s have been a part of. With their new location now in Peterborough, they intend to follow the tradition of giving in this community as well.

Ken and Frank invite you to come down to Hobart’s no matter the occasion and experience their world class restaurant!

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For more on Hobarts (139 Hunter St W), go to:
Website: Hobarts
Phone number: 705.775.4000

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By Aaron Elliott