UPDATE: The Garnet On Hunter St. Now Under New Ownership

UPDATE! The Garnet is now under new ownership—alive and thriving on Hunter Street.]



 Garnet photo via Facebook

Garnet photo via Facebook

The Garnet on Hunter had a terrific run, but the owners have decided to close it effective February 15th. Here's the heartfelt goodbye letter they posted on their Facebook page:

Hello friends/patrons,

It is with a mixture of sadness and relief to announce that we will be closing The Garnet effective this February 15th, 2014.

It was a pleasure to serve you and to build with you a vibrant and unique community in our tiny bar over the past few years, but it is time for us to move on to the lifestyle that calls to us from the north country. We have known for some time that our rightful place is in the country. Last September a very generous gift of a house on a lake was bestowed to us by a friend and we knew that our days in Peterborough running The Garnet were numbered.

Thank-you so much for the loyal friendship, the strange and stimulating conversations and the music! You are a truly an inspirational lot, and we have made so many friends over the span of time that we have been open. Thank-you!

We are unable to say exactly what is happening next in the space. A couple of interested buyers have just backed out so we are looking for someone(s) who would be able to take over and keep the spirit in this community going through The Garnet. Interested parties can either come talk to us personally or contact us through our email, theredgarnet@gmail.com.

We will be open another month, so please do come out and enjoy the space while we are still around. We plan to be working more shifts in the next bit so we can hang out with you over the next month. Also, if you have an event you would like us to host or are in a band and would like to play, please contact us asap on facebook. We have some dates still open on the calendar and want to pack in the goodness for the next month.

Thank-you for your friendship and patronage!
Tammy and Blair

[via Garnet Facebook page]

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