A Customer Service Centre Is Considering Locating In Downtown Peterborough


You might have noticed an ad circulating for Trigone in Peterborough. Trigone is a recruiting agency for a company that is looking to possibly locate its customer service centre in Downtown Peterborough. As well, it's listed on the City of Peterborough website, with a link to where you can apply for positions.

The GPA EDC (Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation) confirms to us in a statement that a customer service centre is indeed testing the waters here.

"Our business development team has been working with a customer service centre to locate in downtown Peterborough," the GPA EDC says in a release to PTBOCanada. "The company is a leading Canadian company in the technology sector. These customer service roles will offer wages above average, great benefits and excellent career opportunities. At this point, we are unable to provide more specific details about the customer service centre. We’re looking forward to making a major announcement with all the details in the near future. This will be a good news story for Peterborough."

Indeed it would.

If you're interested in applying, all the deets here.

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