The PTBOCanada 2014 Awesome Things List!

Rock n' roll, in no particular order here is this year's Awesome Things!! Rock it. And add your fave awesome moments on our Facebook page...

1. Man in wheelchair fulfills lifelong dream by playing ice hockey with the Peterborough Huskies special needs hockey team—and scoring a goal.

2. Wedding Photographer Chance Faulkner hides in trash can—Peterborough ingenuity!—to capture engagement proposal at Riverview Park & Zoo, and the story goes viral around the world.

3. Downtown Peterborough. We love you. You are our core.

4. Burglar King. A whopper of a heist.

6. Hank The Blue Jay. Love this dude.

Yo Hank, save some Doritoes for us

Yo Hank, save some Doritoes for us

7. The (free) Summer Family Film Series at Millennium Park.

8. Jim Carrey at Peterborough airport posing with students.

9. Cows on the 115, heading to Peterborough obviously!!

10. Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism landing the 2015 Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) Conference & AGM in Peterborough—a huge coup for Peterborough.

11. Baby Judson.



12. Twitter Canada's Steve Ladurantaye speaking at an event at Silver Bean on the power of Twitter—in our community which is so engaged on this powerful social platform. And in true Peterborough spirit, he rocked the plaid. And Silver Bean's Michael VanDerHerberg did an excellent photobomb (see pic below) of some guests standing with Steve.

13. Pictures of a Baby Sulawesi Forest Turtle (a critically endangered species) hatching at Riverview Park & Zoo.

14. Badu comes home days after going missing after car accident. Miracle.

15. The first ever Boeing 737 to land at Peterborough Airport.

16. The Citiots Improv, who bring such great joy and laughter to this city.

17. 57 Signs You're From Peterborough. This was shared around the world. Peterborough love.

18. A guy portaging a canoe in downtown Peterborough.

19. 31 Fun Facts About Peterborough. This, too, was shared around the planet. Even Mars knows about us.

20. A Look From High Above by TVCogeco Peterborough at 14,500 people at Del Crary Park rocking out to Tegan & Sara. Peterborough Musicfest beauty.

21. This beautiful video of Peterborough...

22. Peterborough, England students coming to Peterborough, Ontario to build a sundial at Fleming College.

23. The Wells Family. Bringing awareness to autism.

24. Pop up libraries? How cool is that! More Peterborough ingenuity!!

25. Joel Willett, who wrote this powerful letter about domestic violence.

26. Bill White, one of the amazing crossing guards in Peterborough.

27. This flash mob wedding proposal at Lansdowne Place.

28. Gobi and Zaya loving winter at Riverview Park & Zoo.

29. Beautiful Peterborough pets. Example below...

Photo Jill Tilley

Photo Jill Tilley

30. Electric City Live emerging as force covering local music scene—which is one of the best anywhere.

31. Hootenanny on Hunter, getting more epic each year. Community.

32. Our readers. You rock. :)

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