PtboCanada Interview: Jeremy Fisher (Who Plays The Red Dog This Tuesday)

Photo by Rob WaymenVancouver's Jeremy Fisher will be playing The Red Dog this Tuesday (November 30th) in support of his new album Flood. Fisher has spent the better part of the last decade building support for his hook-filled pop music. Recently, PtboCanada had a chance to ask Fisher some questions. Besides having the best hair in Canadian rock, Fisher is also a pretty good interview. Here it goes:

Help our readers get to know you a little by letting us in on what music gets you going. Tell us your vote for best album ever— one set of songs that from beginning to end makes you smile. Shake your ass. Inspire.

Fisher: I couldn't possibly choose one album, but the first one that comes to mind that is still fresh 25 years later and gives me all those things would be Paul Simon's Graceland.

Your new album,
Flood, was released last month. How have you found fans reacting to the new material? What tracks seem to get the best response?

Fisher: The reaction seems positive to me. I'm definitely starting to notice people are familiar with some of the songs on the road. "Laissez Faire" appears to be a stand out as well as "Shine A Little Light".

Speaking of "Shine A Little Light",
that's the first single from Flood. What do you think makes a good lead single? What made this track fit that mould?

Fisher: That's a tough question for me to answer. I usually leave it up to the wonderful team of people I work with to make that decision. I'm so close to the songs by the time I'm done a record that I feel like they all have potential as lead singles.  

You're on Wind-up Records in the United States, which is a label known to be heavily weighted towards the commercial alternative end of the spectrum. On Wind-up, you are label mates with the Canadian group Finger Eleven, which seems like a more natural fit amongst bands like Seether and Evenescence. How does Jeremy Fisher fit in with this mix?

Fisher: I don't know that I do, but I guess opposites attract for better or worse.

You just released the holiday single "Snowflakes". What made you want to release a seasonal track?

Fisher: Every year I do something around the holiday and this year with the record coming out and me being on tour, I couldn't really take the time to make a video or anything. I just wrote "Snowflakes" one morning and thought it would make a good winter/holiday song.

What seasonal/holiday tracks affected you when you were growing up?

Fisher: "Little Drummer Boy", "Carol of the Bells".  I used to like playing "Sleigh Ride!" in high school band because it uses a vibraslap in the percussion section.

Sticking with the holiday theme, how will you be spending yours?

Fisher: Rum and eggnog, tobogganing, hanging with family—never gets old.


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[Jeremy Fisher; The Red Dog]

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