What About A Designated "Entertainment District" for Peterborough?

There has been talk around the Patch about creating a designated "Entertainment District" down around Showplace, Market Hall and The Venue in the hopes of drawing even more townsfolk—and tourists—downtown. Optics mean a lot, and a branded "Entertainment District" might help.

We asked our new Mayor Daryl Bennett what he has to say about this. "There will be a focus on the need to cultivate the entertainment district," Bennett tells us, adding that he will be gathering more intel on the Municipal Cultural Plan that is already underway, as well as attending its visioning forum and public open house (which is happening today, November 29th). "The information gathered through this process will assist as we move ahead with the central core of our city," he adds.

The Venue's manager Christian Tanna told the Examiner recently that "Within a few years I think you are going to see this block have a bit of a renaissance from a business standpoint. It kind of in a way becomes Peterborough's new entertainment district."

Downtown stores have been branding this "Fashion District", so why not a create a "Entertainment District"? Go downtown and shop, eat and then take in a show.


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