Worldwide Photo Walk Is This Saturday in The Patch!

Peterborough is partaking in the 3rd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk this Saturday (July 24th). The photo walk leader in the Patch is PtboCanada's very own photographer, Evan Holt. All participants should meet up first at Natas Cafe at 8:45 a.m. ("torrential downpour" rain date is Sunday the 25th). After that, the group will set out across the Hunter Street Bridge, through downtown East City and over to the Lift Lock. The trip back will take the group past Rogers Cove and along the Millennium Trail. The walk ends at around 10:30 a.m. at Silver Bean Café in Millennium Park.

The idea is to capture great images, and submit your best one to the walk leader, Evan. The person selected as having the best photo of the walk will win a free photography book and go on to compete against the other best photos taken from Worldwide Photo Walk groups from around the planet—in 2008, there were 241 groups that participated in Worldwide Photo Walk; in 2009, there were more than 900 groups; and this year there are already more than 1,100 groups.

There is no fee to participate, but pre-registration is required. All you need is a camera—even a disposable will do—and feel free to ask any photography questions you may have to Evan. The day is about having fun and exploring a bit of Peterborough.

[Worldwide Photo Walk; Peterborough ON Worldwide Photo Walk]

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