Workshop on Invasive Plant Species in the Kawarthas

Lakeland Alliance's Sue Prentice talks about the Dog-Strangling VineSue Prentice of the Lakeland Alliance lead an informative workshop, "Alien Invaders: Invasive Plant Species in Cottage Country", at Ecology Park on Sunday.

Invasive plants species are usually ornamental plants that have been moved from their native habitat to a new area such as our local gardens. Due to their aggressive behaviour, they will overtake local plants and can cause economic, environmental, social or cultural damage.

Plants that have been found locally include the Common and Glossy Buckthorn, the Dog-Strangling Vine, The Norway Maple and recently brought to the spotlight, the Giant Hogweed.

Due to the 2009 Ontario cosmetic pesticides ban, we can't combat the plants with harmful toxins. But Sue Prentice gave suggestions on other methods of cutting them back (for example, being careful about what plants you put in your garden in the first place) and using something called soil solarization to prevent them from bothering you again. —Evan Holt

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