Peterborough Search 4 a Star Down to Final 10 Contestants

The Peterborough Search 4 a Star reveal show recently took place at Showplace, where they announced the final 10 contestants:

  1. Arin Jessup
  2. Cherese Woollings
  3. Kassy Gray
  4. Clayton Middleton
  5. Dan Smith
  6. Maria DeCiccio
  7. Hillary Dumoulin
  8. Tim 'The Mad Hatter' Saylor
  9. Trilogy of J
  10. Samantha 'Sam' Windover

This talented bunch will compete in the "Peterborough’s New Years Celebration Grand Finale" on December 29th for over $5,000 in cash and prizes. Tickets will be available through Showplace.

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